May Swenson’S Women Essay

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May Swenson’S Women

In May Swenson’s poem, Women, the imagery and structure work very well with the content of
the poem. Swenson writes a poem about women and what they should be. At first glance, the
image of the poem could be a play on women and their curves. However, once the reader
examines the content of the poem, it is clear that Swenson is using the image of the poem
to play on what women should be, or perhaps what they are perceived to be.

The first stanza says that women should be moving to the motions of men. This is clearly
seen in how the poem is moving across the page. However, the perplexing part of this
stanza is that Swenson says that women should be pedestals. When thinking of a pedestal,
the reader might imagine that a woman should be held as a position of high regard and
adoration. This seems to be an impossible task to undertake when Swenson suggests that a
woman should be reliant upon the man for her movement.

The last part of this stanza discusses how women should be little rocking horses. This
seems to portray an image that a woman is merely a childish prize. This relates back to
childhood and how the prettiest toy is always the best, and children always want the best
toy or prize. Still, this part of the stanza gives another image of how women should be
moving, just like the poem.

The second stanza, which is swaying back in the opposite direction form the first, seems
to take a different turn to how women should be. This middle stanza possesses an almost a
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