Letter to your Teacher
Letter to your Teacher
Dear: Ms. Bunyan

Hi m y name is Gavindeep D hami, I am 16 years old and my birthday is February, 4, 1999, I'm in grade 10 and my best friend is Harman Mattu , and I will be telling you about myself. I'll be going over my likes, dislikes, my goals, activities I like to do, and I'll be telling you about the people who are important to me.
My dislikes are having to do lots of homework during the weekend, admiring something and I shop doesn't have that thing or object. I dislike when you have to rush your work when the teacher excepts work to be handed in end of the class. I like playing sports, such as hockey, basketball, football, soccer, rugby. I like all these sports because they keep me active and happy and positive also they are fun to play. I also like to play video games and go on my phone.
My goals and plans after I graduate are to become a successful man in the future , and to have a job that Ill like to do and that will have a good pay and medical coverage. I will also hope to have a nice car. my goals are too be healthy and have good family and friends. My favorite place to visit is California because I love the atmosphere there and the weather I also have lots of family there. My favorite place in California is San Francisco and San Diego. I would like to get a job at California because they have a lot of great jobs and oppertoitie there.
I people most important/admire in my family are my parents, grandfather and brother and sister because they all support me and gudie me to make the big and small decision's I make that affect my present and future. I also admire them because they flatter me with love and are with me through my ups and downs, they also fulfil my needs and wants to let me have a good and fun enjoyable life to live.
The activites I like to do are spend good time with my friends and family and drive my car around and play video games with my friends. I also like to drive my bicycle around the neighborhood and get McDonald's and Slurpee's.
Things that inspire me are they hard work people put into stuff and the feeling of success is it feels great to accomplish stuff and make a difference in the world.
Subjects in school that I like are science, physical education, and social studies. I like these subjects because I find them every interesting and fun to learn about. The things I learn in these subjects affect the way I see things.
By Gavindeep Dhami