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Source: Revisiting the Golden Arches in China: The Chinese Discourse on McDonalds between 1978 and 2012.

General content: This article is report and analysis the McDonalds began their business in China during three periods, which are 1978-1991, 1992-2000, 2001-2012. It analysis the Chinese political and economic structure influence the McDonalds internal organization and planning. And the Chinese market understood the brand's value and meaning. Applying some information and advice of the managing the fast food restaurant in a large population country. Avoiding business pitfall and fraud also should be concerned during the process. Because the pitfall and fraud would become a big loss in the income statement of the company.
Author qualifications: Zhihong Gao is Associate Professor of Marketing at Rider University. Her research interests include international marketing, cross-cultural consumer behavior, and public policy issues.
Evaluation of credibility: This article was published in the SAGE journal which is a database about the Micromarketing.
Intended audience: This article is a useful information to the business people and the marketing scholars. As a business people could understand how the company can survive under the national economic structure? And scholars can analysis how the government controls the market.
How source will inform my research: This article gives me some new arouses and a new direction of my research. For example, the national economic structure and policy are significant parts of company's development in a special environment. By comparing three historical periods, it reports that depends on the government control and how company's revenues will be influenced. How to survive under the control became a problem to figure out already. And avoiding the business pitfall and fraud also is an element influence the company's development. So when I research my topic that fast food in the Chinese market, I will add these two new problems to my article to make it more complete and exact.

Annotated Bibliography
Source: What is a fair price burger in china? Ask Hua Lai Shi

General content: No matter what kinds of companies, they always could have some competitors. These competitors gave a lot of terrible, such as lower price, high promotion effect. However, competitor also is an indispensable part during the business process. By competing, companies will have the motivation to update and restore. To change their strategies and planning, they will provide new products to market. What is a fair price burger in China? It still is a controversial issue. This article talked about Chinese fast food company use the low selling price to attract more customers. The reason is American fast food companies always have high selling price. Some of customers can not afford, so low price was useful for customers. But these strategies make American fast food companies lose their profits. This article brings this problem to make more business people to concern.
Author qualifications: Heng Shao, Forbes Staff. He covers Chinese business news and social phenomenon.
Evaluation of credibility: Forbes is an American business magazine. It publishes original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics.
Intended audience: This article is a useful information to the business people. As a business people could understand how the company can avoid the competition. If can not, how to change the strategy to face other competitors.
How source will inform my research: This article gives me a new problem that is about the competitor. Actually, competition is a regular behavior in any kinds of markets. That is a good way to push companies to update and change their products and services. Back to my topic, I am going to add this part. After research those American fast food companies, I have to consider some of the successful Chinese fast food brands will give what kinds of challenges? And depend on these problems, what the strategies and planning should be made. The selling price also should be a concern, because the price is the direct point that customers focus. So how to decide the selling price is an important issue on the marketing planning.