Little Chandler (Tommy), Annie, Ignatius Gallaher, the infant child, Monica.
Little Chandler is the main character of the short story. A married man with an infant child . He works at the King's Inns.
Nickname slightly misleading. Little Chandler is just shy of average height, but his nickname stems from an impression that forms when you look at him.....he looks fragile.
"His hands were white and small, his frame was fragile, his voice was quiet, and his manners were refined" (67).
Joyce intentionally attempts to point out shortcomings of Chandler.
"I drink very little as a rule, said Little Chandler modestly" (72).
modest, shy, nervous
-"[Chandler drinks] very little as a rule"
-"Little Chandler blushed"
-the scene of him buying his wife's blouse ("agony of nervousness, suffered, waiting, appear at ease, striving to hide his blushes")
-"[Chandler] was a delicate and abstinent person" pompous
-"[Chandler] felt superior to the people he passed" masochistic
-"Sometimes, he courted the causes of his fear" jealous
-"Little Chandler looked at his friend enviously"
At the beginning:
-"Gallaher's heart was in the right place and he had deserved to win"
this is also irony- at the end of the story, Chandler is jealous of Gallaher
Later in the story:
self absorbed
-"I mean to marry money"
-"[Marriage] must get a bit stale"
Gallaher and Chandler, and we see that the two are very different from each other physically.
Gallaher's character is a very heavy man with a look of unhealthy pallor whereas Little Chandler is a very refined man just under the average male stature.
Chandler wears a moustache and has fine, silken hair and Gallaher is balding but clean-shaven.
Gallaher is described as having a very heavy and pale face, long and shapeless lips with no hint of colour in them, and bluish eyes that were somewhat able to relieve his shabby look.
The author describes Chandler as having a very fragile frame, small white hands displaying his perfect nails, and a mouth lined with childish white teeth. Clearly the author has used the physical traits of the two characters to create a contrast between them.