Cyber bullying
The lives of young and innocent teens are greatly and negatively being
affected by cyberbullying. Cyber bullying is defined as intentional aggression that is (repeatedly) carried out on the internet or while using electronic devices against a person who cannot defend himself or herself. Cyber bullying is done through social media websites such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and snapchat. Social media is there to help us so we can communicate with people around the world but some people use it to harass others. Cyber bullying is a serious issue and it should not be taken lightly. Over the years as the technology advanced the rate of cyberbullying increased too. Many teens have taken their own lives because of another teen saying something harmful to them online, and this needs to stop.
Cyber bullying can lead to sui cide. The public health perspective say that
victims of cyberbullying can have a mental illness which can lead to suicide. I know someone who was getting bullied online.The bullies told her that no one needed her, she is useless, ugly and other horrible t hings. She tried to commit suicide thinking that no one wanted her, luckily she was saved and she realized how important she was to her family and her friends. I have heard so many people say "think before you speak". People need to understand that they ca n hurt the other person emotionally and mentally so it is really important to think a thousand times before you say anything. It is actually better to just keep Quite if you do not have anything nice to say. Cyber bullying is done online through texting I feel that if someone can't say something to a person in real on their face then don't text that either.
Cyber bullying can also cause depression which can lead to low self confidence and performing poorly in school. Cyberbullying has a negative e ffect on a person's academic performance. Students who get bullied tend not coming to school, not liking school and perceiving school more negatively which can lower their academic performance. Cyberbullying also causes low self confidence. It's really imp ortant for a person to have a high self confidence so they can face problems and believe in themselves. People with low self confidence tend to have a negative view of life, fear of taking risks, mistrusting others and blaming behavior. People who are cybe r bullied might become bullies themselves.
A person can prevent cyber bullying by educating themselves and others, never opening unidentified messages, pause before you post, think before you click, raise awareness and don't be a cyber bully yours elf. In conclusion the use of social media is becoming a problem because of cyber bullying but there are some good things about social media too, like it helps us communicate with people that are living overseas. Using apps like skype helps us talk face to face as if we're sitting next to each other. There are negatives and positive things that can be done through social media.