Decomposition Essay - Camp Fire
The vigorous smell of the scorching fire burns as I sit and gaze at the flames as they expand. As I look around the stars glow in the atmosphere. As the night goes on the sky darkens and the moon shines bright in the sky. I feel as though I'm in nature's wonderland. As I sit on the wooden logs the trees around me an d my peers trap us and stare down viciously at us seeming like they are going to fight us as if we were there children's assassins. The longer I sit the louder the rivers waves call me to go join them in nature's bathtub. I stand with my peers as we all sing and dance with excitement, the wind gushes through my face. As I feel relieved by natures breath upon me. Lingering in front of the camp fire roasting my marshmallow I recall the animals that have to fight and struggle for their food as I devour on the scrumptious s'more. As I dance on nature's carpet I realize the disturbance I'm giving the insects that live within nature. My mind is disturbed upon realizing the trouble the creatures have to go through in nature wonderland .