Lily M Stennis-Vinson
English 7
Mr. Degner
November 10 th , 2017
Who to blame for alcohol usage
When adults are watching TV or shopping at grocery stores you wouldn't think their children are watching what they buy. More than half the populations of the United States over the age of 12 has consumed alcohol in the year 2015. Parents and Guardians should have more responsibilities in deciding when minors can consume alcohol. (Buddy T.)
 The current law in the U.S. for consuming alcohol is the age 21 and up unless consent by a parent or g uardian. The most a minor is accepted to dink , as long as they are drinking on private property; owned land , m inors can't drink more than 0.00 to 0.02% of alcohol. Guardians have religious reason on why alcohol should b e under their command when administering to their families. During some celebrations Jamaican parents allow minors to drink alcohol just becau se of their cultural festivals  and Independence Day . Why should the 50 states have a law with age limit to drink alcohol when it's a part of their culture ? Also, the 1 st A mendment to the U.S. Constitution states , "E veryone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all ." With the war possible age to join is 18, shouldn't the drinking age for liquor be 18 also? If you can go to war at the age 18, putting your life at risk you should be able to enjoy a beer with your family before sent off fighting for your country. (Gale)
There isn't an exact person to say who is responsible for minors drinking alcohol, but th e government plays a role on whe ther alcohol should be a beverage sold in local stores around the U.S. Any minor has access on stealing a liquor substance from a corner store with low security. Alcohol is one of the world's most drunken drink by adults if the minor 's guardian s are drinking it and feel that it's ok that their child should be able to drink it, without the minor 's refusing it they should have the choice to give it to them. Parents ha ve the final say so to what their child does. If due to religious beliefs their child should be able to follow their parent's footsteps only if they please; as traditional culture. "It is now against Victorian law to serve alcohol in a private home to anyone under 18, unless their parents have given permission", with this law it clearly state that the guardian plays a role on responsibility on whether it's ok for their child to drink (Victoria ).
The reason for the government to hold responsibility on minors consuming liquor beverages is that with the government approval liquor advertisements get broadcast on television during commercial. 28.4% of these advertisement commercials are seen by people who are 21 years of age or younger. Which is convincing minor's to think liquor is a drink for adults and them also. Guardians are responsible for minors dinking also, they're giving them the privilege to drink but still making sure they don't go over the limit. Almost 72% of teens who drink get alcohol without having to pay for it mainly supplied by s omeone old enough to buy liquor (FTC).
Parent s and Guardians should have more responsibility in deciding when minors can consume alcohol. Like the saying parents know best for their chi ld, or some will say, "Do they"? Alcohol isn't the best thing for an underage per son to be drinking on behalf of brain development and memory, but as long as the pa rent assumes responsibility for the affects after the cause, the government is saying its ok.

Controlling Alcohol Usage
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Some societies, including Islamic countries, ban the use of alcohol, citing religious laws against it. The United Sates, state law regulate drinking. Federal legislation passed in 1984 required all states to set the legal age for the purchase