Different political system, culture, language and background make many Chinese include me cannot easy to get into American society. However, that could be a good thing because we always keep fresh and actively thinking when we observe American society. Just like when an alien come to earth, he may be curious about the car, TV, cellphone, man's ties and women's dresses, and for me --the person who comes from china, is also curious about many phenomena of America. Through this article, as an onlooker of American society, how does the democratic system work in America? For my topic, I will try to describe the democratic system by telling some stories, the significance of storytelling is that we probably have our own judgement about democracy but we lake something true. About democracy, there is always a question which is why does democracy run well in some countries but doesn't in others? Absolutely, we can't give an easy answer in just few sentences. In my opinion, I don't think the main function of democracy is to develop economy, it should be combat and prevent corruption, improve the level of the rural public service and narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. But according to the survey data, the degree of corruption is equally between democratic country- India and undemocratic Country-China (ranking tied for 57 in the world). The gap between rich and poor in Brazil is more than some other countries which are undemocratic. Therefore, any good running of democratic system is not just depending on the presidential election. There are many other factors that influence the running of democratic system. Back then, when Young French - Tocqueville traveled around America, he was so curious about everything, but the most impressive thing about American society is equality and then he was quickly found how this fact effects the whole society, it guides the direction of public voice, gives keynote to legislation, transfers new axiom to governing body and gives civil rights to protect themselves. And then he found that the dominant ideas of the United States Constitution were not to achieve maximum efficiency of democracy, it was to achieve maximum efficiency of counterbalance. The significance of counterbalance is to promote the balance of interests. For example, the National Minimum Wage Regulations 2007 which was related to representatives participating, democrats, republicans and congress government Can be said that multi game results. On the one hand, the minimum labor wages were enhanced, on the other hand, taxes were reduced. Both employers and employees could keep balance of interests. Another fact is that after New Jersey government and state legislature got into difficulties, the state legislature agreed to increase tax levy, but government had to consented to give some tax back to elderly poor group. Many examples show that the result of counterbalance is in a game of different interest group, at the time of get, they have to make concession. Except the balance of interest, another advantage of counterbalance is to make a rational political decision. That's why the democracy in America become more powerful throughout the 200 years' history. A good democracy system is not only help to take profits of different interest group, but also can make a scheme which is most feasible. At the end of June 2006, a cleaner named Pauer was fired by Harvard University for fainting and felling on the ground during work time. In fact, Pauer had a long medical history of faint but Harvard University adhered to dismissed Pauer even though he provided his medical history. What could Pauer do? He belongs to the vulnerable groups in the society, moreover he was an immigrant from Haiti and his opponent is the world famous university --- Harvard.Pauer found his organization --- Service Employees International Union (SEIU), they registered a strong protest with the Harvard University and made a demonstration against the Harvard. The participator of this demonstration were not only members of SEIU, but also many students of Harvard. Under the pressure of SEIU and students, Harvard had to get Pauer back and compensated him for the loss of salary and medical charges. For unarmed disadvantaged groups, the most powerful resource should be their own organization.