Fortunately, I was born in a family that I'm the only child in my family and my parents love me so much, but I still can hear when they are talking about my future, they said they hope me can have a wonderful marriage, but when I said I don't want to have children, my father was so angry and stormed around the house so that I have to keep silent. But I still had a question, why can't I make my own decision even though I am the person who takes all risk of parturition? Another thing is that, when I was in high school, my teacher always said the reason why boys had poor study grade just because they didn't focus on studying, they are smarter than girls, but the fact was that girls had better grades in my class. Even now, there are many facts which can prove that what women actually lack are the chance, respect, and recognition, not talent, courage or strength. Since then, I realized that the gender equality is not something that had nothing at all to do with me, it is absolutely closely linked with my life. When I talked about I am a feminist, some people agreed with me, some people respected my opinion because they are close to me, some people thought that why I am a feminist because I am too sensitive and don't have self-confident, some people said I just had nothing to do and felt bored. Some people asked what can you do as a feminist or what you want to do to promote gender equality? If I have to respond, I would say: because this is what I believe. I believe one day a baby girl won't be abandoned just because of her gender; I believe one day girls could have equal opportunity to go to school; I believe one day police can punish the rapist severely rather than telling women don't go out alone at night; I believe one day women won't feel left out during pregnancy. I believe one day we don't laugh at the woman who never gets married; I believe one day women can make their own decisions to consider having children or not; I believe gender equality. It's about early April, someone asked me" according to the photos you post on your personal homepage, your life should be pretty good, you look not like the person who suffers from discriminate or oppression, why you are a feminist?" and I answered "it seems like you are so well provided with hands, feet, limbs, flexible spine and normal intellect, why you think I shouldn't be a feminist?"