Hi! I am very pleased that I have the opportunity to be a part of the company. The position I applied for deals with analyzing and updating the manufacturing process for this company. To prove myself to you, I will be submitting an official explanation of how the manufacturing process should flow. The technique I used is known as the Flow Process Chart and I will explain it to my best ability about how it works. Let me explain why I use the flow process chart. A product consists of many parts and each part has to have it's own set of production processes to manufacture. So the flow process chart comes in to study all these different processes. The production processes are divided into 5 groups. Those parts are known as operations, transportations, inspections, storage, and delays. Here's some information about each one. In operations the object is changed in it's physical or chemical makeup and is assembled or disassembled. Transportation is obviously when the object is moved from one place to another. Inspection follows and it's when we check the quality of the object. When the object is held awaiting the next operation it's a delay. FInally storage is when the object is placed in a protected location. As you probably know, each stage depends on the next. You have to go through each stage and in order or it can mess up the whole process, So it flows with each other and that's how they have to depend on each other. We have to view each stage and if they make sense with one another and if they all approved to make the entire production system as effective as possible. They all question each other like can we change anything or is this the best order for the operations so they all depend on each other. You also have to think in other things in the chart as like the market research and detail design. Stages can be changed when something can be done better like take for example the inspection. The product's quality could've been way better and we would have to change that process. Or we could have a better way to organize the entire process and that could change some stages. There's just so many possibilities that can happen but we will figure it out. I am here to do my job and I will always do my best and be a leader. Thank-You!