I would say that yes, I definitely enjoy math, but only once I fully grasp a concept. Until that point, I can get frustrated, often because the way one person/book/etc. is explaining it does not align with how I typically become able to understand complex problems. The only times I have struggled with math was in instances where I did not understand a concept in the particular way a teacher was explaining it, but after working with a problem/concept and figuring it out for myself, I tend to find math relatively easy. I would say math is definitely important, as it is one of the essential building blocks of our world, for we see it everywhere we look, even if we do not realize that we are seeing it. It also allows us to understand the world around us on a deeper level, which in turn helps humans advance as a species and create technologies that we were previously incapable of creating. For example, complex technologies such as those used in the fields of engineering and science especially, would not have existed without math. Because of all this (advancing the species, improving technology and overall way of life), math is also incredibly useful. It forces us to get used to and comfortable with a way of methodical and systematic thinking, which is an incredibly useful skill in all aspects of life, even outside of the world of math, for it limits chaos and allows us as humans to coexist amongst each other in the best and most efficient way possible.