Julia Maxwell
Mrs. Wilburn
English 11 Honors
November 9th, 2016
Wrenching the Hearts of the Audience
Arthur Miller made numerous changes to the movie to get a more emotional response from the audience and to appeal to wider audience. Other changes are made simply because there is not enough time to include every detail from The Crucible in its movie. The majority of people feel more emotion when they are watching something, rather than reading something. He wanted to get the same point across, but wanted to attract to a wider audience, because more people watch movies than read books. The first scene between Elizabeth and John Proctor is changed because there is not enough time to show how their whole relationship develops. Movie audiences enjoy a face-paced movie, so Miller wanted to show their relationship problems right away. Changes like the pressing of Giles Corey, the showing of the individual trials, and Mr. Jacob's accusation and trial evoke an emotional reply from who's watching. Mr. Jacob's age and innocence really wrenches the heart of the audience. The visuals help the audience understand how horrific the Salem Witch Trials were. He makes these changes because the audience, cannot just simply read it like they could in a book. Miller showed Abby asking John to come with her, because every person loves a good love triangle. By doing this it is relatable to a wider audience and more people enjoy the movie. The changes Miller made successfully brought out a more emotional response from watchers and saved time while still getting the point across.