Remember Me

Remember Me
by Christopher Pike

I have been interested in novels by Christopher Pike since I first discovered one of
his works. I find his stories very concentrated of deep concepts and meaning. I recently
discovered that to find the vast intellect to something, the reader has to look at it more
than once. The first book in his series, Remember Me, was very good the first time I
read it. I discovered that the second and third time I read it, I saw all sorts of little
meanings hidden in every other sentence. The book gives very believable theories on
"after life", that I discovered myself no longer fearing death, as everyone does. From
reading that book, or series, the reader has to wonder if he has experienced death himself,
and some how come back. The story is mainly about a teenage girl, soon to be done with
high school, that is thrown off of a balcony, and dies. She wakes, in her own bed, and
does not know she is dead. She then proceeds to go down to the kitchen only to be
ignored. Her family receives a alarming call, and goes to the police station, only to find
out that their beloved daughter is dead. She finds an old friend, that died a while back,
and he helps her. She wishes to seek the one who terminated her existence. The place
that she goes is to earth, yet it is different than the earth mortals know so different that it
is indescribable, by all except the writer, who definitely knows how to write. If I gave
away the ending it would be devastating to those who have not read it. Even when I have
told a short summery of the story, for those who have not read it would be missing a great
book if they neglected to get a hold of it and read it. It is very deeply moving, especially
if it has been read more than once.

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