Rosa Almonte STEM 1/18/17 The existence of an individual human being or animal is life. This world is full of life, full of different kinds of people and many types of species of animals and plants. We have been here for hundreds of years. Over time, humans and the world have changed and developed more. We have become more intelligent and way more creative. Technology is one of things that has contributed to this. As technology was introduced to us, we became more aware of what we could do with it. As technology advanced, we advanced with it. Today we can do things that you wouldn't have even thought of a hundred years ago. The technology that I am referring to is known as biotechnology. Biotechnology is "the use of biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of life." Genetic engineering(also known as bioengineering) is one of the most dramatic tools of biotechnology. Genetic engineering is basically the process of manually adding new DNA to an organism . It deals alot with genetics and you can do many things with it. How it deals with genetics is that is it's used to change the genetic makeup of the cells. You can create new types of animals, plants, food, medicines and much more with this. It has a big deal in agriculture, technology and scientific research. An example of using genetic engineering is insulin. Insulin is created in Pancreas but people with type 1 diabetes cannot produce enough insulin. So they figured that they have to be injected with insulin to control their blood sugar. That insulin was produced by genetic engineering. It was made from yeast and bacteria. As you can tell, genetic engineering can do many things for us. They can help us make many medicines that can save our lifes. "In medicine, genetic engineering has been used to mass-produce insulin, human growth hormones, follistim (for treating infertility), human albumin, monoclonal antibodies, antihemophilic factors, vaccines, and many other drugs."These discoveries can affect humans, the environment and the world for the good or the bad. They can save lives and many other things! Genetic engineering can also impact the environment in many ways. It can clean our environment. Bioremediation is the solution to this. "It can occur naturally, or Environmental Engineers can deliberately use microbes to clean up a toxic site. Bioassist is the process when we used microbes that already exist in our land. Sometimes there aren't enough beneficial microbes so we intend to increase the number. To increase the number of beneficial microbes we would supply additional water, nutrients and other substances and this action would provide more microbes and they would thrive and multiply. With bioinjection we inject microbes that have cleansing properties in the polluted land. The microbes in this strategy reduce the possibility of harmful reactions. Genetically engineered plants and trees could also help improve the environment by removing toxics and explosive residues. As you know, biotechnology uses processes, organisms or systems to develop products or technologies that can improve our lives. Biotechnology is so beneficial to us because it has the ability to develop products/technologies that feed us, that can overcome diseases, and help the environment become more safer and cleaner. It helps overcome diseases by making vaccines, new medications or using genetic engineering(trying different things with our genes). Some people are very concerned with biotechnology because they don't know if it's safe. They are scared that biotechnology can cause problems or damaged us. Some think that maybe it will be misused(now that you can do many things with genes). I personally thought that biotechnology was a good thing. It helps us with so many things such as preventing diseases, providing food, and just helping the environment and the world. To create even more things that we would've never thought of is really cool. I think it"s a big deal in the medical field. We are talking about saving lives here! So I do agree with biotechnology. The most interested things that I learned about biotechnology is how it can help with diseases and all the medical things. The part where they inject normal genes into the girl with