Star Wars Hero\'s and Villain\'s

Star Wars Hero\'s and Villain\'s

In today’s world there are many Heroes, but most of today’s heroes are fictional
characters, such as Superman, or The Power Rangers. It seems like there are more real
life villains than there are heroes. Probably cause the media tends to cover all the bad
stuff that happens, and stories on villains. Never the less, the movie “Star Wars” has lots
of heroes. There is Chewie, Solo, Ben Konobi, Princess Laya, and the great Luke

Luke Skywalker had all the qualities that you could ask for in a hero; he was kind,
courageous, giving, and always thought of others before himself. Like when he found out
that the Princess was in danger. He wanted so bad to save her from the evil Darth Vadar.
He was willing to risk his life, and he did. The went and hired a pilot, named Solo, and
had him take then to alderon; but there was no more alderon. So they got sucked into the
ship where Princess Laya was being held hostage. Luke disguised himself as a storm
trooper, and went to her cell block to bust the Princess out. The really showed a lot of
courage, considering that he almost didn’t get out alive.

Also, when the rebellion need a pilot to destroy the enemy ship, Luke was quick
to offer his services, so he got geared up, and told him about the weakness in the enemy
ship, and how small of a target that he was after. He still was determined to help the
rebellion, so he did. He was almost gunned down buy Darth Vader, but Luke had the
force on his side. Also, Solo came and helped Luke by Gunning Darth Vadar down for
him. So the mission was successful and Luke saved a whole lot of people.

So as a result of Luke’s courageous actions, he was awarded a medal of honor. He
was very proud. The medal was very well deserved. He also won the love of Princess
Lay, afterall, he did save her life. Luke is similar in many ways to another fictional hero,
and that is Batman.

Batman, like Luke Skywalker, put his life on the line everyday. Along with his
sidekick Robin, he fought villains, saved millions of people; the whole time not caring
about himself, but caring about others. And like Luke Skywalker, Batman received lots of
recodniton for his actions. Like the Mayor of Gotham City gave Batman the Key to the
City. And Batman also had a cool uniform.

So in conclusion, we encounter many heroes and villains in our everyday life. Not
all are human or real life characters, but as long as they have good values, and morals, I
think it is ok for kids to look up to them. Whether it is Luke Skywalker, Batman,
Shannon Lucid, of Albert Einstein; if the message they bring across is positive and
healthy, have fun.

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