Summer of the Monkeys


Topic: Jay Berry

Purpose: To identify the nature of the force of the conflict which Jay Berry encounters, and indicate how they help or hinder Jay Berry the protagonist in Wilson Rawls novel Summer of the Monkeys

Thesis: Before Jay Berry succeeds his goal he encounters many conflicts that both hinder and help him through his amazing adventure.

I. Inner Forces
A. Help- personality traits
1. Determination
2. Confidence

II. B. Hinder
1. Fear
2. Over confidence

III. Outer Forces
A. Help- other people
1. Grandpa
2. Old Rowdy

IV. B. Hinder
1. Monkeys
2. Environment


“It is every boys dream to own a pony and a .22” those were the

exact words that motivated Jay Berry to realize his goal of catching

Jimbo and the rest of the escaped circus monkeys. In Wilson Rawls

novel Summer of the Monkeys Jay Berry Lee encounters many obstacles

in his way of succeeding his goal. Before Jay Berry succeeds his goal,

he encounters many conflicts that both hinder and help him through his

amazing journey.

The first inner force that helps Jay Berry along his journey is his

incredible determination. Jay Berry displays his determination many

times throughout the novel. For Jay Berry to succeed his goals of

bringing the highly intelligent circus monkeys home he has to have a

great deal of determination. He shows an example of this when he fails

to succeed his first few times out, but he never gives up, and has the

same motivation the next time he tries to catch the monkeys. Another

inner force that helps him on his way is his confidence. For anybody to

achieve a certain goal they have to feel confident about what they are

trying to achieve. Jay Berry is always confident about his new scheme to

catch those extraordinary circus monkeys. Jay Berry displays this when

his Grandfather comes up with another brilliant idea, and he is so

confident that he will catch the monkeys with the latest plot on catching

the monkeys. It is very important to have confidence and to feel good

about what you are doing, and Jay Berry is one of those confident people

who never let a minor setback bring them down.

Everyone has many goals they set for them selves, and for every

goal that is made, there is always an inner forces that hinder you along

your journey. Two of the inner forces that hinder Jay Berry is his fear of

the monkeys and over confidence. There is not one person in the world

who does not have a fear of something, whether it may be a fear of heights

or snakes. After that incident with Jay Berry, Old Rowdy and the

monkeys where the monkeys took it to Jay Berry and Rowdy, Jay Berry

has developed a certain fear of the monkeys. This particular fear of the

monkeys hinders Jay Berry slightly because of the monkeys “leader”

Jimbo. Jimbo is an intimidating monkey who enjoys making a fool out

of Jay Berry, Jay Berry is reluctant to get to close to Jimbo because he

does not want to be made a fool of by some monkeys. The second inner

force that hindered Jay Berry is his over confidence, one may not think

too much confidence is a bad thing but it could turn out to be

disastrous. Since Jay Berry has a great deal of confidence in catching

the monkeys, it is easy for him to get too cocky. An example of this is

when Jay Berry sees the monkeys drinking the alcohol and he does not

think to much of it. Then in inedible happened, he got drunk off the

alcohol and yet again gets made a fool by Jimbo. These are two

examples that hindered Jay Berry throughout the novel and it is also a

problem for many people to deal with.

Everyone has outer forces that help them to succeed their goals and

these are some of the many that helped Jay Berry. One of the most

important outer forces that helped Jay Berry through his adventure was

his Grandpa. He was always the one that Jay Berry can talk to when he

needs help with his monkey catching, and like most Grandpa’s he said

all of the right things. Another significant thing that his Grandpa did for

him was