the drunken mage

Narrative #3
january,15 1997

The Drunken Mage

Long ago, in a far away land called Palin, there lived an elf by the
name of Felmont.He was fond of playing darts. One night when Felmont was
traveling to town he stopped at an inn for the night. Next door to the inn
there was a tavern.
After Felmont had left his pack in his room, he decided to go in the
tavern and try to win some money playing darts. As Felmont entered the
tavern, he saw a dart of magic lance out from a corner and strike a pigeon
nesting in the rafters. The pigeon fell to the ground, lifeless. Felmont walked
over and kicked the pigeon off to the side and proclaimed: "I challenge any
man or woman to a game of darts with a wager of 500 gold pieces." A short,
skinny man dressed in black arose from the corner, wavering unsteadily. He
nearly pitched over onto someone\'s table. He began to scream at Felmont
saying "I will play you for the money, without magic" . They decided to have
a game of 501, and after playing for a while, Felmont had beaten the Mage.
Then after a few minutes the Mage walked over to the bar and ordered a
gallon of ale and began to guzzle the ale very quickly.
After the Mage had finished his ale, he was an angry and drunken
Mage who was tempted to destroy the small village. Felmont was leaving the
tavern when he saw a large bolt of lightning smash a small vendor\'s cart that
caught on fire. Behind his back, the elf heard the Mage starting another chant.
Felmont pulled out his small warhammer and took a large swing at the Mage\'s
head. The Mage used his large staff to knock warhammer out of Felmont\'s
hands. Felmont backed away and pulled out three small poison daggers which
he launched at the Mage\'s chest. As the daggers hit the Mage he began to
disintegrate. Soon there was nothing left but a pile of dust containing a few
gold coins.
Felmont looked into the sky and realized a valuable lesson. By making
a small decision, he had accomplished something much greater.

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